Cloud SS7

Outsourcing SS7 switching to converge to an all-IP network

Carriers still operating in both TDM and VoIP worlds have to maintain two separate networks and double their operational costs.
R&R offers an turn-key solution that helps carriers to move to an all-IP environment TODAY. We will take over your Point Codes and will manage all SS7 interconnects, handing back SIP/SIP-I traffic in a desired codec.
Our service fee will be less than you pay for colocation alone in that fancy carrier hotel datacenter.

Consolidating TDM/VoIP equipment

Carriers that went through grow phase often have disparate equipment that occupies racks and racks of space ans requires long hours to maintain, fix and upgrade. Call billing, routing and troubleshooting gets complex and voice quality can degrade due to multiple TDM/IP transitions done internally.
R&R offers a single-box solution for all TDM/VoIP needs significantly simplifying network configuration, centralizing routing, billing and troubleshooting operations. Moreover, R&R significantly reduces your needs for colocation, power and equipment maintenance by providing “cloud-service” and saving companies tens of thousands of dollars per month.

Enabling IP carriers to connect to PSTN

Carriers that already operate in all-IP environment and looking to grow margins are in need to establish direct interconnects with PSTN. While certain Incumbent PTTs are making available IP interconnects, some are still requiring SS7 handouts.

R&R offers simplest and most cost-efficient way to interconnect with SS7 networks/PSTN. We will take care of all interconnect requirements, local loops, Point Code assignments and ISUP testing. In a matter of days all-IP carrier can have direct PSTN interconnection and start saving money with own “direct”.

Carrier-grade solution, with Managed Service cost-efficiency

Managed SS7-VoIP gateway solution eliminates the need to deploy expensive infrastructure, learn new technologies and hire additional engineers. R&R will help you to design network topology, plan capacity, turn up and test interconnects and will provide full statistics of service performance.
Service Level Agreement(SLA) will guarantee service performance, or you get your money back.

Wide support of protocols, including SS7 over IP transmission (SIP-I/SIGTRAN) and all popular codecs including G.729, G.723, G.711, G.726, G.722, GSM and iLBC.

Achieve international reach with R&R managed solution.

Beyond SS7 gateway functionality R&R allows you to establish virtual Points of Presence in every R&R location. For telecom carriers and corporations it means single point of interconnect to get global coverage and virtual presence in major telehouses.