Wholesale traffic management suite

Intelligent routing

Routing is based on Sonus PSX centralized routing servers.

Based on Oracle Enterprise database it has virtually unlimited scale; native 1+N redundancy and dynamic load sharing.
All CloudSBC rate plans include full access to routing interface via JavaGUI, WebGUI or RestAPI.

Routing System Highlights:

Perfect combination of manual routing precision with quality-weighted, no-loss LCR.

  • Three routing types:
    • Sequential
    • Percentage distribution for first route choice
    • Equal distribution (Round Robin)
  • Centralized routing subsystem with real-time master-slave replication
  • Native support for geographically diverse SBC deployment
  • Re-routing depth up to 100 choices
  • All routing changes are effective immediately
  • Powerful Routing based on CgPN, CdPN, codec, time of day, etc.
  • Proprietary route quality scoring system
  • Group Routing
  • Export routing table to a spreadsheet
  • Import routing table from spreadsheet

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