Teams Direct Routing

A new market for Enterprise Telephony

Teams(R) is the largest Voice Carrier servicing more international minutes than any other Provider. There is a significant pressure on traditional Voice Carriers since Skype, Whatsapp, Viber, Telegram and others have taken a large chunk of voice traffic away from the traditional phone network.

With Direct Routing Microsoft(R) allowed local Phone Carriers and Voice Aggregators to compete for Enterprise voice traffic. Direct Routing is a revolutionary product that is a win-win for all parties: Microsoft, Voice Carriers and End-users.

For Enterprise customers it pays to use Direct Routing when:

  • Calling Plans are not available in your country. List of just 13 countries where it is available
  • You already have relations with SIP trunk provider and plan to continue use it. You just need a certified SBC to make a connection
  • You are a heavy user of outbound and inbound calls so Savings will justify the extra cost and effort to configure Direct Routing
  • You have very low usage per line and have over 30 lines so paying fixed fee for Calling Plan makes no sense
  • You need to preserve existing PBX or ACD system for its unique functionality

For Carriers it pays to offer Direct Routing when:

  • You can offer high quality A-Z routes, including guaranteed CLI
  • You are able to find Enterprise customers who uses Calling Plans
  • You want to transition from wholesale to retail voice services
  • You are willing to reduce financial exposure in wholesale markets while not reducing gross profits

R&R offers hosted Microsoft Certified SBC. With an easy setup and affordable pricing starting at just $250/month you can start offering Direct Routing service today.
Please contact us to learn more about benefits and ways to attract Enterprise customers to your offer.

Microsoft Teams Direct Routing