Wholesale traffic management suite

Versatile reporting

Traffic Reports overview:

  • Traffic KPI reports for both Client and Vendor sides
    • Call attempts, completions, ASR, NER, ACD, PDD
    • Minutes usage graph
    • Concurrent sessions graph
    • Live calls counters and view
    • Duration Histogram charts
  • Hourly reports with complete call statistics
  • Report by Client/Carrier
  • Report by Country
  • Report by Destination
  • Report by individual IP address or Trunk Group
  • Any combination of the above

CDR reports overview:

CDR reports are used to scrutinize call statistics and identify problem patterns. Detailed CDR reports are the best starting point in any troubleshooting as they reveal information whether Call Proceeding was received, what protocol on the inbound and outbound connection was used, what voice codec was negotiated and many more.

  • Detailed information about each call attempt
  • Summary information about call disconnect reasons
  • Powerful call filter to identify fault patterns

R&R engineers are constantly monitoring the system and will help service users to identify problems such as low completion combined with high call rate, service abuse, malformed VoIP calls.

Raw data analysis

Sometimes CDRs are not enough. More in-depth analysis requires access to raw data – call traces. R&R continuously collects packet captures for all your traffic and makes this stream available on your personalized SFTP server. We also offer Troubleshooting Guides to help your NOC team to get better at it.

  • Continuous Packet Capturing for all your IP traffic and SS7 links data
  • SecureFTP folder for live data storage
  • All your call data in Sonus RawCDR format posted there as well