Telecom moves to cloud for cost savings, better service resiliency, access to top engineering talent and a lot more operational freedom.

R&R operates a unique private cloud based on purpose-built SBC and SS7 gateways that is optimized for highly demanding voice and video real-time communications of today. We are providing all the resources, tools and support you need to run wholesale business with maximum efficiency.

Compare “build-to-own” and cloud service models:

Service managed service own/lease
Equipment cost $0 up to $300,000
Annual maintenance fee included %20 of purchase price
Annual colocation cost included $15,000
Annual Internet cost included up to $10,000
Billing software included up to $100,000
Software maintenance included %20 of purchase price
Annual tech payroll included up to $100,000
Service level agreement  yes no
One point of contact  yes no
Money back guarantee  yes no
  • No maintenance cost for hardware and software
  • No annual licensing fees
  • Faster time to market
  • No Colocation and power expenses
  • No IP interconnectivity expense
  • No Capital Expenses and long-term infrastructure commitments
  • No risk of equipment obsolescence
  • No technological risks
  • 99.99% Guaranteed service availability
  • Expenses are tied to volume of your business
  • #1 rated SBC/SS7 gateway
  • US-based team of network and switch engineers
  • Active support contract with Sonus Networks
  • Highest level of IP security
  • Highest level of equipment redundancy

Rapid adoption of packet switching technology in telecommunications created a shortage of highly skilled VoIP engineers. Virtually all telecommunication carriers are feeling lack of expertise in one or another area of VoIP deployment and maintenance.

Successful VoIP deployment must include input from multiple specialists:

  • IP security engineer
  • IP networking engineer
  • Telecommunication engineer
  • SS7 signaling engineer
  • Network planner
  • VoIP specialist

R&R is one of the pioneers of Cloud services and refined all aspects of it.

Managed services offer the fastest way to enter new market or expand existing business.
R&R manages switching centers in major traffic hubs around the world. Equipment has been already deployed, tested and is ready for new tenants.

Opening new POP has never been that easy and that affordable.
Traditionally building new POP required months of preparation work and substantial expenses: facility planning, transport logistics, colocation and IP bandwidth services, equipment installation, configuration and testing. It was also a risky undertaking – while planning and building a POP economics of the deal could have changed or technical issues could have stopped the project.
Managed solution also saves time-to-market after POP has been established. Should you need additional switching capacity, technical support or any local services – you have a single point of contact. We will take care of your requirements in expedient and professional way.

In today’s wholesale telecom there are two major growth strategies:

  • Be closer to customer
  • Be closer to terminating network and play quality differentiation

Highest customer concentration is in the large cities; hence most obvious way to grow number of customers is to follow them:

  • Build out POPs close to customers
  • Acquire local start-ups with existing customer base
  • Partner with local dominant player

Traditional expansion methods are flawed.
Each of the outlined strategies presumes carriers are willing to invest time and considerable resources into the expansion and exactly these resources are always in short supply. The other feature of any expansion opportunity is a risk frontloading – while carrier invests resources to expand future cash flows are very uncertain. Changes in regulatory or a shift in competition landscape may turn expected revenues upside down.

Network outsourcing is the answer
Outsourcing not only reduces upfront risk of any expansion, but it also helps to create a more agile organization. Along with time-to-market benefits and superior human capital company becomes more flexible in its market decisions as it has no “burden of old assets”, unlike competition and can also enjoy higher market valuation due to higher ROA.

Proven ranked Sonus #1 in intercarrier peering.
Sonus earned the top spot in product comparisons involving intercarrier peering.

Synergy Research Group and In-Stat/MDR Rank Sonus #1

  • #1 in High Density VoIP Media Gateway revenues
  • #1 in High Density VoIP Media Gateway port shipments
  • #1 in VoIP Media Gateway port shipments, all densities
  • #1 in Carrier Packet Voice port shipments (includes VoIP Media Gateways, all densities, VoATM Media Gateways and Softswitches)
  • #1 in Total Media Gateway port shipments

Infonetics Research, a leading independent research firm

  • Named Sonus a leader in key segments of the IP-voice market worldwide and in North America.
  • Noted that Sonus is growing its position in EMEA, increasing its market share 50% over the previous quarter.

Synergy Research Group, a leading independent industry research firm

  • Reported Sonus grew its leading market share position to 29.2% of the high density gateway market.
  • Sonus extended its leadership by capturing a higher percentage of the overall market and growing revenue 17.8%

iLocus Research
reaffirmed Sonus leadership in minutes of IP voice traffic, noting that Sonus carries approximately 4 out of 10 long distance IP voice minutes.


Service quality guarantee
R&R Telecom unique offering is strengthened by using industry’s best carrier-grade switching facilities. Our commitment to highest standards of service quality enable us to offer unmatched service continuity guarantees.

For the full text of R&R SLA please download PDF document.