We have had a very satisfying relationship with R&R for over 6 years. Their team is extremely professional and reliable, highly knowledgeable in the field, with unmatched technical expertise and attention to detail.

We have over the many years, come to find that utilizing the Sonus equipment has been extremely reliable and that R&R speedy attention to resolving any issues related to trouble tickets is probably unmatched in the field.

We are sure that any business contemplating using R&R would be making the right decision, as it will be receiving top service and attention.

American Axess, Inc.

“As a client of R&R’s switch partition, we can say that we are very pleased with the services R&R offers. Our interaction with the technical and customer support at R&R has always been impeccable. Our requests are being attended to promptly. Overall, our experience at R&R has been a happy one. We will definitely introduce R&R’s services to anyone that is looking to change their service provider or just starting out.”

MG Telecom, LLC.

“R&R Telecom helped our business grow from $1Mil to $4Mil in one year and what’s mostly important – without any investments. Our plan is to grow to $10Mil this year and we have no doubts that R&R solution is able to support such growth. We’re very pleased with R&R service and do not consider building our own switching facility as we may not able to achieve same operational efficiency.”

Traffic Xchange Corp.