Wholesale traffic management suite

Billing App

R&R Billing Application is a very robust and scalable solution for wholesale business of any size. Based on Oracle database with high availability R&R is able to deliver CDRs close to real-time and guarantee CDRs security.

Billing Application is included in all service plans for SonusSBC service.

Billing system features:

  • Close to Real-Time CDRs with extensive data. CDR screenshot example:

  • One-click Billing Reports in HTML or Spreadsheet formats
  • Automated invoicing and Client rate changes notifications
  • Accounting for bilateral traffic
  • Multi-currency support
  • Billing support for Time-of-Day and Day-of-Week
  • Variable rounding option (1/1, 30/6 or custom rounding) per each dialing code
  • Alerts based on change in account usage pattern
  • Fraud prevention

Financial Reporting:

  • One-click Margin Analysis report. Margin Analysis screenshot example:

  • Rated CDRs report and export function
  • Billing reports per day of week
  • Financial transactions accounting system
  • Margin analysis combined with quality reporting
  • Proprietary quality of service metric
  • Proprietary algorithm identifying optimal routing algorithm for each route