Wholesale traffic management suite


Billing app

High performance billing system based on Oracle database with automated credit protection, traffic swaps module and bilateral deal accounting. Automated invoicing, invoice reconciliation and invoice disputing modules. One interface to cover both SMS and Voice sides of your business.


AI-driven routing engine analyzes route performance in real-time and automatically adjusts traffic distribution to achieve maximum margin within given quality SLA. Advanced routing gives Carriers the edge over competition by maximizing margins and reducing human involvement in routing decision process.

Automated Rate Management

A typical carrier receives more than 10 rate updates per day and consumes most time of your Account Managers' time. R&R achieves full automation of rate updates, new route testing and routing changes thanks to our automation suite. Rate import is done directly from your inbox and it includes all necessary check for errors and omissions.

Customized alarms

Traffic landscape is constantly changing and fast response time can make difference between growing the business and losing market share. R&R allows managers to setup alarms for all kinds of events – drop in quality, high usage by Client, changes in traffic volumes and notify manager via text message, email etc. pager.

Rich Reporting

Business decisions are based on data and the more data is available the better the decision. R&R’s User Interface provides over 50 statistical reports in table and graphical formats that help managers to better understand trends and traffic patterns. Reports are helping managers to get the bird-eye view on business.

Two-factor authentication

R&R takes security seriously. All Web accounts are protected by a two factor authentication in addition to standard security practices. A one-time password is sent to your mobile device.