Wholesale traffic management suite


Billing app

High performance and accurate billing is a must in today’s business environment. R&R turn-key service utilizes billing solution that is precise to 10ms and provides data in near real-time. Call Records are stored indefinitely on highly reliable disk arrays for data protection.

Intelligent routing

Advanced routing algorithms help to achieve higher ASR and ACD, reach higher margins and maximize number of completed MOU. R&R has developed proprietary traffic analysis algorithms that help to make intelligent routing decisions and distribute traffic in various modes: proportion, balancing or sequential.

Versatile reporting

Business decisions are based on data and the more data is available the better the decision. R&R’s User Interface provides over 50 statistical reports in table and graphical formats that help managers to better understand trends and traffic patterns. Reports are helping managers to get the bird-eye view on business...

Customized alarms

Traffic landscape is constantly changing and fast response time can make difference between growing the business and losing market share. R&R allows managers to setup alarms for all kinds of events – drop in quality, high usage by Client, changes in traffic volumes and notify manager via text message, email etc. pager.

Purpose-built platforms

All R&R services are powered by market-leading Sonus Networks devices. Designed and used primarily by Tier1 carriers, R&R brings sophistication, flexibility and scale of such SBC to a mid-size carrier market, removing infrastructure as a barrier of entry to the "elite club".

Two-factor authentication

R&R takes security seriously. All Web accounts are protected by a two factor authentication in addition to standard security practices. A one-time password is sent to your mobile device.