Cloud SS7

SS7 and ISDN

SS7 and ISDN gateway pricing. TDM-VoIP conversion.

  • Support of all SS7 signaling variants, including ETSI, ANSI, TTC Japan, Brazil, China, etc.
  • Support of H323, SIP and SS7 over IP protocols SIP-I and SIP-T
  • Carrier-grade Sonus GSX9000HD system
  • Interfaces supported: E1, T1, DS3, STM-1, OC3
  • All major codec families supported on VoIP side: G711, G729, G723, G726, iLBC, AMR
  • Complete remote management, billing and alerting User Interface

Local loop charges are not included.

Service features:

  • R&R provided SS7 point code or Bring Your Own
  • One or multiple SS7 links with partners
  • Support for STP and SSP network design
  • Ability to limit calls per second in either direction on both TDM and VoIP sides
  • SS7 timers and disconnect release cause/location manipulation
  • Support of overlap dialing, operator calls, persistent data calls and many other advanced features.

First E1/T1: $200/month for unlimited conversion service

Every additional E1/T1 is $80/month

Packages are available. Please inquire with R&R sales rep.