Pro Services

For Sonus/Ribbon Customers

Support, maintenance and consulting services

R&R has over 12 years of experience in design, deployment and maintenance of Sonus/Ribbon based networks. R&R is a carrier-neutral and vendor-independent service provider, which will represent your Company interests throughout planning, procurement and deploying of Sonus/Ribbon switches.
Our expert engineers will advise on optimum configuration, determine required license set and will help in sourcing 3rd party hardware: servers, routers, firewalls and network monitoring solutions.

High-speed CDR parsing engine

R&R offers CDR parsing software for Sonus/Ribbon software releases from 5.0 to 11.1. Our software enables carriers to save on DSI licensing and have peace of mind that all CDRs are accurately accounted for.

Multitenant solution for Sonus/Ribbon GSX and Ribbon SBC

R&R can turn your existing Sonus assets into a new revenue center. With R&R proprietary technology your deployed assets can be rented out to 3rd parties while controlling resource utilization and guaranteeing no ill-effect on your own operations.

Please contact our team to discuss how R&R can help you to achieve better efficiency in purchasing and utilizing Sonus Networks switches.