Cloud SBC

Why are we better?

  • Service runs on Sonus SBC7000 a flagship SBC
  • R&R offers Service Level Agreement that guarantees service uptime
  • Geographical redundancy with centralized routing engine
  • Redundant connectivity to IP backbone (BGP) with over 10G of IP capacity
  • Redundant servers in Master-Slave configuration
  • Power redundancy, UPS and autonomous power generator


  • Two firewall layers to prevent unauthorized access
  • Encrypted access for system management
  • IP spoofing and DDOS attack prevention
  • Call authorization by both IP address and Tech Prefix
  • Option to use encrypted tunnels (like IPSec) and SecureRTP
  • CDR storage on RAID10 disk array with double backup
  • 24×7 controlled access to equipment and Data Storage


  • Management of multiple SBCs and SS7 gateways via single login
  • Hardware-based transcoding is included with all service plans
  • Powerful Routing based on CgPN, CdPN, codec, time of day, etc.
  • Perfect mix of manual routing precision and quality-weighted no-loss LCR
  • New turn up in just 1 business day
  • Presence in major traffic hubs worldwide
  • 24/7 Technical Support
  • Call disconnect reason manipulation